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Tips on how to prepare your backyard for summer in Central Texas

With cool summers of about 79°, Central Texas is a great place to relax outdoors with company. College Station, in particular, has an array of things you can do with friends, from watching a college football game to lounging at the Knox Wine Bar. One of’s 100 Best Places to Live in 2019, this […]

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How long does it take to sell a house?

It takes about a month for a house to stay on the Texan real estate market and, as a home seller, you may have to allow some time for buyers to explore their options. According to Texas Realtors, 53% of homebuyers have a hard time finding a house that meets their requirements. How quickly you […]

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How to buy a house in Texas with no down payment

After renting out a small apartment in College Station, Texas, you may be ready to own your first spacious property in Brazos County. Maybe you have a few listings bookmarked after an initial search, or maybe you are already on the way to closing on your dream home. Either way, when buying a house in […]

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Broaden the appeal of your home by avoiding loud colors

Home decor trends to avoid when selling your house

When it comes to selling your house in Bryan, Texas, you need to show your buyers that you have laid out your house to suit their needs. Their needs are not only about appliances or breezy backyards but also about interior design and décor. To ensure prospective buyers remember you, you will need to keep […]

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A checklist of essential documents you need to buy a Texas home

Texas, just as in most states in the country, has managed to weather the storm caused by the threat of COVID-19. Sales are exploding in the Lone Star State to the point where demand is sharply overtaking supply.  If you are intent on securing real estate here, you have to be prepared, not only for […]

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What to look for during a routine rental inspection

Owning a rental property can be a great way to earn passive income. However, being a landlord also entails several responsibilities, one of which is conducting rental inspections.  The purpose of these standard inspections is to ensure that the property being rented out is properly maintained and contributes to the tenants’ good quality of life. […]

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Can you hold an open house during the pandemic?

The flat answer? It depends on the situation. One major setback in the housing industry due to the COVID-19 threat is the restriction of open houses in most states, including the Lone Star State. The Texas Association of Realtors reiterated the call to “consider the advisability of holding open houses at this time,” but also […]

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Where to go in College Station for art and culture

When people think of College Station, TX, the first thing they expect to find is a school boomtown that’s bubbling with youthful energy. In a way, they are right. After all, the said city is home to the main campus of Texas A&M University. Not many know that there’s more to College Station than a […]

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The importance of tenant screening

There’s no such thing as the perfect tenant when finding the ones best qualified to take residence in your rental property. But you can get the next best set of people to rent your property through proper tenant screening. A process that’s often overlooked, tenant screening is a method used for evaluating potential renters. A […]

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Outdoor adventures in and around College Station, TX

Home to the largest public university in Texas, College Station is a thriving city that offers an excellent quality of life. From hiking to biking, there’s no shortage of fun and exciting adventures here. Check out what you can do in the Great Outdoors in and around College Station, Texas: Spot plants and animals thriving […]

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