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Appreciating the indoors: How a pandemic has taught us to enjoy staying in

A family having a good bonding moment while enjoying the indoors.

The unforeseen magnitude, scope, and longevity of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a rapid and dramatic change in the modern lifestyle. With physical and social distancing measures being recommended and practiced while the coronavirus risk remains at large, people have embraced a lifestyle that spends more time indoors.

It’s a dramatic change. Yet still it has produced some positive outcomes in the way people experience day-to-day living. Here are six things that many of us have rediscovered as a result of sheltering in place for an extended period of time:

Bonding with the family

During the earlier days of strict and widespread area lockdowns, many people had to stay cooped up at home. Work and school were out of the equation, even more so when it came to leisurely and unnecessary travel.

The silver lining that came out of this scenario is that people had more time to spend with their families. And while this might have been jarring to members of the family who have grown accustomed to having space and time apart, it’s ultimately a good thing.

Being geographically limited also meant being far apart from other members of the family. But thanks to the emergence of video conferencing applications like Facetime and Zoom, circumstances actually encouraged more people to reach out to distant relatives to cope throughout these trying times.

Catching up on your favorite leisure activities

Whether it’s a TV series, a backlog of movies, or a pile of books, everyone has a pastime that they needed to postpone in order to keep up with the blistering pace of the daily grind.

On the bright side, shelter-in-place orders have given everyone a much-needed chance to slow down and cut down on time wasted stuck in traffic. It suddenly became easier to catch up and unwind with some favorites that had to set aside, at least temporarily.

Revisiting old passion projects

Leisure activities are not the only things that have suddenly found room in people’s schedules as they spent more time indoors. Many have also embraced productivity at home—that is, in a manner that is not related to work.

Personal passion projects have become an excellent way for people to stay engaged and inspired amid this time of great uncertainty. It has doubled as a creative outlet, as well as a healthy coping mechanism.

Learning something new

A lot of people have also channeled their energies toward self-improvement during the extended lockdowns. And some of the results are quite visible in people’s lifestyles today.

For some, having extra time at home has led to discovering the joys of baking (sourdough bread, anyone?) or cultivating an indoor garden. For others, it was the ideal opportunity to learn a new skill, whether it’s playing a guitar or painting with watercolors.

What helped make all this personal learning and growth possible is the abundance and variety of online resources that are easily accessible and, at times, even free.

Exploring attractions, both near and far, from the comfort and safety of home

There is never any shortage of fun things to do in College Station and in the other great communities of Brazos Country. But being unable to physically visit them has created interest in exploring other fine attractions in the Lone Star State, even if only by way of virtual tours.

Here are a few examples of outstanding virtual recreational experiences that will let you get to know your home state even better:

Getting more rest

One of the most under-the-radar benefits that people have gained from staying most of their time at home is the increased opportunities for rest and relaxation. With the modern lifestyle moving at such a breakneck pace, a chance to pause, meditate, or simply get more sleep is a welcome change—despite the less-than-favorable circumstances that a pandemic has to offer.

One of the reasons that make time indoors truly enjoyable in Brazos County, Texas is the area’s abundance of wonderful homes. If you want to find a great house that will make living in College Station, TX and its surrounding communities worth your while, reach out to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BHHS) Caliber Realty. Our agents are always ready to hear from you at 979.694.8844. You may also email your inquiries to sales(at)bhhscaliber(dotted)com today.

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