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Top 3 unusual attractions in College Station, TX

Albritton Bell Tower

The Texas A&M University is one of the major institutions responsible for putting College Station on the map. It ranks among the top public universities in the country with undergraduate and graduate programs. It also figures prominently in the city’s history, having opened its doors in 1876 as an all-male military college. But apart from these, the said university has provided the College Station community with various attractions, some of which are quite unusual. 

These three unique attractions in College Station are worth the visit, primarily to pique your curiosity and to add to your bucket of things to do when you’re in the area. 

Bottle Cap Alley

Bottle Cap Alley

In the north border of the Texas A&M campus, you’ll find a cluster of Wild West-inspired buildings that will remind you of the old pioneering days. However, there’s an interesting section of this area that looks slightly out-of-place, given the western movie-like theme of the structures. 

Here, you’ll find an alley paved, not with the usual concrete or Texan grasslands but with old metal bottle caps. In fact, all 50 meters of the alley are covered by thousands of these caps.

For decades, both locals and visitors have been contributing their own used beer and soda bottle caps to the spread. How did this tradition start? Some say that restaurants located next to the alley made a habit of unloading their bottle caps in the passageway. The caps’ various colors made the area a colorful and unique space for shutter-happy tourists.

At one point, the supply of caps in the alley diminished as environmental concerns resulted in the lesser use of metal bottle caps. Add to this the vintage cap collectors who pocketed caps from the alley. To remedy this, Aggies and locals collected their own metal caps for dumping into the alley. It has also been reported that Shiner, one of the state’s most popular beer brands, donated 300,000 bottle caps to the alley. 

Century Tree

Century Tree

Standing proudly within the 5,200-acre campus of Texas A&M is the Century Tree, a majestic oak tree so named for having been planted at around the same time the university was built. It’s located by the sidewalk near the Academic Building. Climbing it is strictly prohibited. 

The tree has become a symbol of stability and strength, making it a preferred spot for marriage proposals and even weddings. A number of stories and superstitions have also been conjured from this tree’s towering presence. One says that couples who walk beneath it will end up getting married. Or if someone proposes marriage under its branches, the resulting wedding vows will last forever.

However, legend also says that one must never walk alone under the tree. Doing this will earn that person a lifetime of eternal loneliness. 

Reveille Mascot Cemetery

Reveille IV dog mascot

A well-loved mascot of Texas A&M, Reveille (or “Miss Rev,” as fondly called by Aggies) is a pure-bred collie decked in the school’s varsity colors. This elite canine holds the highest rank in the Corps of Cadets as a five-star general. Because of her rank, cadets are required to address her as “Miss Rev, Ma’am.”

Being the revered mascot that she is, Reveille can visit any building on campus while being cared for by a Mascot Corporal – traditionally, a sophomore cadet. When she barks during a lecture, the class is automatically dismissed. 

Reveille, though, isn’t just one dog. Generations of Reveilles have already come before her and, in fact, the present Reveille is the 10th successor. When a Reveille passes on, a formal military funeral is held for the animal, complete with the three-rifle volley and Taps.

Deceased Reveilles are laid to rest in the Reveille Mascot Cemetery which is found north of Kyle Field. The cemetery used to be within view of the stadium’s scoreboard but after the graves were relocated, a miniature scoreboard was set up in the new location. The prized mascots are also said to be buried with their paws and heads aimed toward the stadium so they can still monitor their team’s performance even in death. 

These out-of-the-ordinary attractions are among the many landmarks that define the culture and character of College Station. If you plan to move to this lovely and colorful college town, come to the local real estate experts with over 40 years of experience in the area – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Caliber Realty. Call the team at 979.694.8844 or send an email to sales(at)bhhscaliber(dotted)com.

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