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How to Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Making improvements to a property is a great way to boost its value. And when it comes to home improvements, most people prioritize major rooms in the house like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

However, there’s one other area that homeowners should not overlook, especially if they are looking to put the property up for sale in Texas real estate listings. Don’t forget curb appeal. Among the various tips for selling your home, improving its exterior can possibly be one of the most important.


Improving a property’s curb appeal yields plenty of benefits to the homeowner even if they are not keen on selling immediately. Apart from increasing the property’s value, it also makes the place a lot more enjoyable for its current occupants.

When you do list and have buyers view, note that there can be a hasty judgment of your property just from seeing the exterior. Your home will have to work that much harder to negate a poor first impression of an unappealing curb.

A poorly kept exterior may reflect poorly on the homeowners. A well-maintained facade, on the other hand, not only serves as a good indicator of the home’s overall condition, but may also be indicative of a good neighborhood.


Ready to get started? Here are some simple ideas to instantly improve your property’s value from the outside, without necessarily spending big.

Paint the exterior

One of the fastest ways to improve the external appearance of a property is to paint it over. Painting the exterior in full can be expensive, so an alternative is to do it in sections over time.

The front door is a great candidate for this task because it takes up a prominent spot in the house’s exterior. It can be a fresh coating of the same paint color, though research has suggested that there are considerable financial gains made when selling if you paint your front door black.

Upgrade exterior fittings

Sometimes, even the small things can make a big impact. Upgrading exterior fittings such as the house numbers, the door knob, or even the mail slot or mail box can contribute to the improvement of the property’s curb appeal.

The best part about making this upgrade is that it’s very affordable. Unlike other improvements, getting new exterior fittings and furniture can be as simple as buying from a hardware shop or even online, and installing them on your own.

Add some outdoor decor

Adding outdoor decor is also a good, inexpensive way to spruce up the appearance of the front yard. A small fountain, decorative outdoor vases, a bird bath, and other garden accessories can serve as new focal points.

As long as they follow a cohesive theme, a few outdoor decorations can make a huge impact on the property, raising its aesthetic quality, and allowing buyers to see the place as a higher quality home.

Install or upgrade outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be both functional and aesthetic. Investing in a good set can significantly boost the appearance and ambiance outside the property.

And it doesn’t have to be costly. There are plenty of solar-powered outdoor lighting options these days, which are not only more affordable, but also sustainable and cost-efficient. If you’d like to push this a little further, you can tie up outdoor lighting to an integrated security system.

Invest in your garden & landscaping

One way for homeowners to cut costs yet improve their exteriors is doing the gardening and landscaping themselves. While it’s not for everyone, those who enjoy gardening can certainly benefit from putting this skill to good use. Getting good gardening and landscaping service can be expensive, but is often very much worth it.

If you’d like to create a garden that yields produce, make sure to plot out which plants are viable for the local climate, as well as those which can be helpful to keep bugs, mosquitoes, and other pets away. Most importantly, choose plants that are safe enough for everyone, especially children and pets.

Fix the roofing and upgrade accent the trims and sidings

Major roofing issues, peeled off sidings, and worn out accent trims can have a huge negative impact on a property’s curb appeal. Get these fixed and upgraded, however, and you can see an instant boost in the property value. Some issues are not only unattractive, they also pose a danger to the integrity of the structure itself. Any damage unattended could lead to bigger problems, further bringing down its overall value of the property.

Increasing your property’s curb appeal is a great way to position your property for a future sale. When you’re ready, get in touch with a reliable real estate firm such as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Caliber Realty. Call 979.694.8844 or email here to get started on the process.

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