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How to Get Around College Station, TX

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College Station, TX is the home of Texas A&M College, the state’s first ever higher education institution, inaugurated in 1876. Throughout the years, the city grew and developed, enough for it to finally be incorporated as a municipal government in 1938.

Today, College Station, TX is known not only for the high-quality education it has to offer, but also for its family- and student-friendly communities. Its small-town charm and central location only add to its appeal.

Another great thing about living in College Station, TX is the variety of transportation options available — from local buses to cabs, ride shares, and private vehicles — so you can enjoy full and easy access to all of the city.


Having such a wealth of transport options is especially important considering that College Station is mostly a car-dependent city. Here’s a closer look at some of the ways you can get around College Station.

Texas A&M bus system

The Texas A&M bus is an easy way to get to different parts of the town. Some of the buses make a stop at Blinn, as well as on several points in the A&M campus. Students, faculty, and staff can ride directly from Blinn to A&M for free. Just show your ID before boarding. Use their bus tracker online to make sure you catch the right one on time.

Bryan/College Station buses

Bryan/College Station buses also only require TAMU, Blinn and BTD students and staff to show their ID before boarding. They run as early as 5 a.m. and operate until 7 p.m. Check out their website to find the right bus.

Car shares

Missed your bus and now running late? Don’t waste a second longer waiting. Get on that app and book a ride. Uber and Lyft riders run plenty throughout College Station, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a ride ASAP.


There are several cab companies operating in the city. There’s the AggieExpress Cab Taxi Service, American Express Cab Taxi Services, and M&Q Taxi Service, among others. Feel free to give them a call if you need a quick ride in College Station. You can also hire their services for travel to other nearby cities, such as Houston, Austin, or Dallas.


While College Station does have bike infrastructure, they’re minimal. However, the Texas A&M campus is much better prepared for bike riders, and many of their students bike to get around campus. You can hire bikes from rental services.


Parking passes are very useful for those who prefer to drive. Use this pass to park your car in any of the available parking lots or garages. Note that there might be a difference in price points depending on what kind of parking facility you’ll use.

You can also use parking passes for overnight parking, motorcycle parking, weekend parking, and more.


With these many different commute and transportation options in College Station, TX, you can enjoy more of what this city has to offer. With a good cost of living in College Station, TX not only makes access to higher education easier, but it also offers plenty of entertainment, including restaurants and bars, and a thriving art and culture scene.

As the home of the Texas A&M Aggies, you could end up right in the middle of all the college sporting action, especially during football and baseball season. So get ready to don school colors on game nights and be reminded of what true school spirit is all about.

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