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Best paint colors for kitchen cabinets to improve value

Yellow kitchen cabinet

Considered the heart of the home, the kitchen is among the areas that leave the strongest impressions among buyers in many home viewings. Given its strong appeal, it makes sense to choose the kitchen for your first home upgrade. And if you want an easy kitchen makeover that won’t break the bank and instantly increase your home’s value, start with repainting your kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets are your kitchen’s “face,” and choosing the right paint colors for them can make a huge difference, especially come resale time. To help you in this task, here are expert-recommended paint colors for cabinets that can elevate both the aesthetic appeal and value of your kitchen.


Beige is a great neutral tone that can complement almost any color. The beige family of colors such as taupe, eggshell, or mushroom on your kitchen cabinets can make the space appear spacious. Similar to white, beige gives a clean and reserved look but is more forgiving when it comes to stains and dirt. A popular choice for repainting older cabinets, beige goes well with any kitchen countertop, flooring, and furnishing.


The pristine beauty of white never goes out of style. Crisp and clean, white remains a top color choice for cabinetry among 40% of home buyers. Visually appealing, white cabinets can brighten the entire kitchen. It also gives a contemporary look and exudes a welcoming vibe. This timeless color reflects light and thus, brings a more spacious feel. It’s the perfect choice for small kitchens that have little access to natural light. For more depth, use a contrasting bold color on the backsplash, dining chairs, and other accessories.


Bold and stately, blue evokes an aura of grandiosity. Shades such as navy and dark blue can revitalize any style of kitchen cabinet. Powder blue gives a clean and fresh look while

ocean-inspired blues work well with timeless and traditional kitchen styles. For a softer look, consider using light blue on your kitchen cabinets then replace handles with brass or silver ones. Shades of sky blue, periwinkle, and baby blue are spectacular hues for farmhouse kitchen cabinets.


Green is one of the hottest hues of the season with many homeowners wanting to bring natural elements into their living spaces. Associated with nature, renewal, and rejuvenation,

green splashes a serene and fresh appeal to your kitchen cabinets.

If you want to give a soft, light, and refreshing look to your kitchen cabinets, mint green is an excellent pick. You can pair this color with light wood or white marble countertops. Incorporate an organic, earthy vibe in your cabinetry with a muted shade of sage green. This particular shade goes well in both traditional and modern-style kitchens. Use this shade with wood, natural pine, and oak materials on your countertops or kitchen island. For a bolder approach to a modern kitchen, hunter green is preferred by many homeowners. This sophisticated, nature-inspired hue on your cabinetry gives a natural, opulent statement.


Second to white, gray is the preferred cabinet color among 27% of homeowners. One of the most versatile colors, gray adapts well to both modern and traditional kitchen styles. You can choose a light or dark gray shade for your cabinetry depending on the amount of light coming into your kitchen.

Light gray gives a sleek, natural look. Traditional cabinetry in a light-gray hue brings a cozy atmosphere to the kitchen space. Meanwhile, you can use dark gray for a more dramatic statement on your cabinets.


Known as the color of happiness, energy, and positivity, yellow is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. This cheerful hue brings a lively pop of color to cabinetry that pairs well with creamy accents and granite countertops. Explore Citron, a warm Mediterranean hue that livens up and brings more depth to small spaces, or golden honey for a breezy, radiant shade of yellow. Consider earth-toned accents and countertops in darker tones when pairing with sunny yellow kitchen cabinets.


A mix of gray and beige, greige gives off an aura of sophistication. This classic hue delivers a light and soothing mood that can make the entire kitchen look spacious. Because it is a neutral shade, greige can blend with any kitchen style, from traditional to modern. Opt for a dark shade of greige if you want a modern feel for your cabinetry, while light greige is best for a timeless and traditional look.

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