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Amazing antique stores in and around College Station, TX

Antique phonograph

There’s always something unique to be found when visiting an antique store. Whether you discover a hidden gem or a cool vintage treasure, antique shopping allows you to find high-quality items and rare finds to add to your collection. And in the Bryan-College Station area, your antique shopping options are endless. 

Enrich your home with items from these antique stores in the Bryan-College Station area:

  1. G & Me Antiques
  2. 1702 A South Texas Avenue, Bryan

    Discover a wide selection of antique items in G & Me Antiques, one of the top antique shops in the Bryan-College Station area. The shop was started by Anita Williams and her husband – two Brazos Valley residents who are passionate about their community and what they do. 

    G & Me Antiques has everything you need in an antique store, from ceramics to wooden furniture. And the best part is that all the items here are sold at reasonable prices. With different items regularly being added to the shop’s inventory, you’ll always find something new during each visit. 

    Aside from antiques, the store also sells unique homemade candles with scents like blueberry, birds of paradise, and fresh linen.

  3. Rabbit Hole Antiques & Collectibles
  4. 118 South Bryan Avenue, Bryan

    For the best vintage finds, head to Rabbit Hole Antiques & Collectibles in Downtown Bryan. Established in 2017 by Jeff and Corye Sparks, this antique store has something for everyone. Vintage collectible cans, tobacco pipes, and oak typewriter desks are just some of the many items just waiting to be discovered.

    Rabbit Hole Antiques & Collectibles also shares a space with The Attic Antiques, a thriving antique shop owned by co-owner Jeff’s parents. Jeff runs his own antique restoration business in the Rabbit Hole, as well.

  5. Birds Nest Gifts & Antiques
  6. 117 North Main Street, Bryan

    With all the hidden gems in Birds Nest Gifts & Antiques, it’s impossible to leave the store empty-handed. Located in Historic Downtown Bryan, Birds Nest features a mix of homeware, decorations, retro items, and hard-to-find pieces. 

    The cast-iron antiques and the primitive antiques from Birds Nest will make wonderful additions to your home decor. Searching for items that bring charm and character? Check out the store’s cast-iron horseshoes, bottle openers, and hook hangers. You can also mix and match these vintage items with the other farmhouse-style decorations and accessories in the store.

  7. Old Bryan Marketplace
  8. 202 South Bryan Avenue, Bryan

    Established in 1996, Old Bryan Marketplace is a great source of unique items. Discover a selection of furniture, home decor, accessories, and gifts that are old and new. The antique shop is located in a 22,000-square-foot historical building – one of the most widely-recognized structures in Historic Downtown Bryan.

  9. Sparrow Lane
  10. 205 South Main Street, Bryan

    Searching for authentic and unique European antiques? Sparrow Lane has exactly what you’re looking for. The shop’s collection of antiques includes newly-painted kitchen islands, books, and breadboards from France.

  11. Corner of Time Antiques & Collectibles Mall
  12. 118 North Bryan Avenue, Bryan

    Also located in Historic Downtown Bryan, Corner of Time Antiques offers unique items and relics that you can’t find anywhere else. This fascinating store has a wide variety of items like silver tea sets, metal signs, and vintage toys. And if you need to take a break from antique shopping, the store also sells delicious milkshakes, ice cream bars, and ice cream sodas. 

Top tips for antique shopping

  • Know what you want. Antique shops are filled with hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind finds. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the many wonderful trinkets begging for your attention, make a list of the items you have in mind and the ones that you want for your home. 
  • Know where you want an item placed at home. It’s easy to fall in love with the wide array of fascinating items in an antique store. And it’s certainly tempting to bring them home. But since they will most likely be used as decor, make sure that they’ll fit with the room’s look first.
  • If you find something that you like, get it. One of the best things about going to an antique store is discovering something unique and interesting. If you can’t stop thinking about a particular item and you know the perfect spot for it in your home, this may be the sign for you to buy it.

Looking for more stores, establishments, and restaurants that are unique to the Bryan-College Station area? Let Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Caliber Realty tell you what you can expect from living in College Station, TX. Call979.694.8844or send us an emailhere.

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