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(Please check one) Do you own orrent your home?
Marital status: singlemarrieddivorcedwidowedseparated
What relationship are you to the resident(s)?
parentbrother or sisteremployerother
Are you or your spouse a guarantor for any other lease?
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To your knowledge, have you, your spouse, or any resident listed in this Guaranty ever:
been asked to move out?broken a rental agreement?declared bankruptcy? Orbeen sued for rent? To your knowledge, has any resident listed in the Guaranty ever:been sued for property damage?been charged, detained, or arrested for a felony or sex-related crime that was resolved by conviction, probation, deferred adjudication, court-ordered community supervision, or pretrial diversion? Orbeen charged, detained, or arrested for a felony or sex-related crime that has not been resolved by any method?

Please explain

Each guarantor must submit and execute a separate Lease Contract Guaranty, unless guarantors are husband and wife. You will remain liable for sums owed to us by the resident, including damages, until you Lease Contract Guaranty ends. If we delay or fail to exercise lease rights, pursue remedies, give notices to you, or make demands to you, as guarantor, you will not consider it as a waiver of our rights. Our remedies against the resident(s) apply to guarantor as well. All residents, guarantors and guarantor’s spouses are held jointly and severally liable. The Guaranty is part of the Lease Contract and shall be performed in the county where the dwelling unit is located. Payments must be mailed to the county where the unit is located. You represent that all information submitted on this Guaranty is true and complete. You authorize verification of information given via consumer reports, rental history reports, and other means. You acknowledge that our privacy policy is available to you. A facsimile or electronic signature on this form will be binding as an original signature.

You acknowledge that by signing this Lease Contract Guaranty you unconditionally guarantee all obligations of all resident(s) under the about Lease Contract, including but not limited to rent, late charges, property damage, repair costs, animal violation charges, reletting charges, utility payments and all other sums which may become due in the Lease Contract. Guarantor is not liable for any increases in the amount of rent stated in this agreement, regardless of any renewals or month-to-month renewals, unless the Guarantor agrees to a different amount in a separate written agreement. You acknowledge and agree that you obligations as guarantor will continue for:

only the initial Lease Contract termall Lease Contract term(s) and renewals, including amendments and modifications entered into by the date specified under the 'Lease Contract Information, entitled Last date for Gurantor renewal'

If neither box is checked, your obligations continue for the duration of all the Lease Contract terms or renewals.

Date of Signing
Signature of Guarantor:

Signature of Guarantor’s Spouse (if applicable):
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